Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dumpster Drama: Act X

Act X sounds like it should be an action/adventure flick. [Thanks, Becca, for help with the Roman numerals, btw.] Unfortunately, there were no explosions or flying kicks in this Dumpster Drama, but nonetheless...

The poor tawny-haired girls that live upstairs...*sigh* Sometimes you have to feel sorry for them. They returned from a night out at about 3:00 in the morning, and I awoke to their huge stripper heels clomping up the stairs. Then the door slammed shut.

Not two minutes later, I heard above me loud clomping that got quicker and louder as it headed to the bathroom.

CLOMPCLOMPCLOMPCLOMPCLOMP!! and then bleeeeee-aaaaugh! in to the toilet with a loud SPLASH.

And the second blonde ran in after her: CLOMPCLOMPCLOMPCLOMPCLOMP!! and then she slurred, "Are you okaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy?"

You gotta feel sorry for the first drunk girl because she had to run in such big clompy shoes to the toilet. But of course I feel most sorry for the second drunk girl who was holding #1's hair back the rest of the night.


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