Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday's This & That

So I took yesterday off because I was a teensy bit hungover from a mad Super Bowl Party I went to. Didn't watch a second of the football game, the commercials, or the Half-time Show, but I caught some of the Puppy Bowl and lost $10 of Captain Kitchen's money playing Texas Hold-em.

Anyway, yesterday I zoned out on the couch trying to recoup and by 10:00 PM I was wide awake, so I caught a bit of ABC's The Bachelor in Paris. Not to be rude, but does this guy have Parkinson's Disease? Because his head trembles more than Michael J. Fox. And who drinks wine out of teacup??

Also thanks to an anonymous commenter, I was able to find the Absolut Vodka commercial I was talking about.

Steve McQueen is just so yummy. Only he can wear a blue turtleneck under a blazer and still look like hot stuff.

Look for another Adventures in Dating soon!

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