Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dumpster Drama: Act IX

I'm not very good with the Roman numerals, and I'm starting to run out of an idea of what comes next... Anywho, another Dumpster Drama occurred in the carport area outside my bedroom window. This time it was at 1:30 AM.

I heard a car pull in to a space and then someone got out of the car. Then I heard a male's voice greet the two blonde girls that live upstairs who were walking through as well. The male voice was that of none other than Resident Himbo Carl.
"Hey, ladies," he said in his super suave way.
"Hi Carl," they replied in unison.
"Hey you guys just getting in?" They must have nodded. "Well you still look hot, even at this time of the night."
The girls giggled softly but didn't respond.
"Hey," he went on, "My friend - he works at Dreamworks with Steven Speilberg - he's throwing a party tomorrow night. You guys wanna go?"
"Okay," they said, giggling more.
"Sweet," he said, chuckling. "Night."
I rolled over in bed and thought about the conversation. First of all, any time I hear Carl speak it is something to muse over. Secondly, the half-compliment he gave was amusing: "even at this time of the night" the girls "still" looked hot.

Lastly, the fact that he had so obviously name-dropped. I mean, if Steven Speilberg was going to be at the party, that'd be one thing. But to say that his friend who is throwing the party works at Dreamworks (with Steven Speilberg) was such a blatant attempt at trying to impress the girls, that it was almost sad.

It made me wonder if, for all his arrogance and posing around the apartment building, if deep down he was just insecure and unsure about himself as the Average Joe. And that thought made me feel a little sorry for him. ...But we'll see how long that feeling lasts.


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Becca said...

Here's a page about Roman numerals. It even includes a handy-dandy converter for ya!