Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday's This & That

...or WTF is on the Internet Today?
Is that Sarah Racey-Tabrizi, formerly on America's Top Model (Cycle 2) on a MySpace Ad for University of Phoenix?

"Yikes." That's all you can really say about a recipe for cat crap. [The Sneeze]

Roseanne has decided to continue her crotch-grabbing, spittin' music career by putting together a song-filled video for children. [Very Big Blog]

The Bettie Page movie trailer - sorry, the Notorious Bettie Page movie trailer. [Popcrush]

It's still undetermined if that couple in the car are doing what you think they're doing in front of that kid.

It's a neat-o animated Errol Flynn fan site - in full sound and color (not Terror-scope, unfortunately, but nonetheless...).

Oh man, I'm gonna have another doozy of a date to tell you about... Look for another Adventures in Dating very soon!


Anonymous said...

Here's a phone number that you guys may like. Have fun!! 07967996590. Remember to put 141 before the number if you live in Britain.. haha

emma said...

What? An invalid pager number? Please explain Mr. Anonymous... I want to know.

Sweepea said...

Hmm...Emma's right. Number seems fishy.

...And how do you know it's not Ms Anonymous?