Friday, February 10, 2006

Dumpster Drama: Act VIII

Tonight's Dumpster Drama started at 7:15 in the PM. I heard a car pulling in to the carport outside my bedroom window. Then I heard a second car.

My apartment carport is not the biggest area in the world for one car, let alone two, so I leaned out my window to see how they were going to deal with this. I saw that it was two cars with a woman in each, but the second car had a child in the back seat.

The woman in the first car got out and said, "Um, maybe if you back out a little I can turn into my spot and then you can go."

The second woman (the one with the kid) got out of her car and said, "What the f*** do you think you're doing? Where the f*** did you learn how to drive?"

At this point people started peering out their windows along with me. I keep looking at the kid in the backseat, watching his mom drop the F bombs left and right.

"How the f*** am I supposed to park here? How long have you lived in this f***ing country, motherf***er? This is f***ing ridiculous!"

And the other woman said, "Are you kidding me with this?" and got back in her car.

Finally someone from the window next to me shouted, "Hey - what kind of mother are you using that kind of language in front of your kid?"

Now realizing the entire building was watching and listening to her, she looked up at the windows and pointed randomly, shouting, "You're a motherf***er, too! You're all motherf***ers!" Then she got into her car and pulled out of the carport.

I wondered how the conversation with her child proceeded following this display. But then I thought: with a mother like that, he's probably used to it.


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