Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday's This & That

I discovered a great way to get rid of tailgaters. This morning I was driving to work and someone was following me so close that I could make out the color of his eyes. He was driving a brand spankin' new BMW, nicely washed and sparkling clean. So I turned on my windshield wiper fluid and spritzed him. He backed off immediately. It was like the oil spray from The Great Race. (Ooh, I feel another Must-Rent Movie coming on...)

I hope that no relationship of mine ever gets to this point. And make this Reason #45 why I don't want kids.

Make sure to check out SorryIGotDrunk. There's a new Booze Quest up.

Well, tomorrow's my birthday and I guess I should be nostalgic. But in reality I'm really happy and excited to be turning asudda-sudd years old. It's gonna be one wild week, I'll tell ya that.

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pixie said...

Reason #45 why I hate guns, not kids.