Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday's This & That

Award for the Most Morbid Drive Ever: I followed a Coroner's van the whole way home last night, hoping that he wouldn't make a quick stop. I imagined the rear doors flying open and some bloody body landing on my windshield. *shudder*

I went to the Verizon store last night to exchange my phone, which has been fritzing out lately. The guy at the counter was sniffling and coughing terribly and finally I asked him, "Are you sick?" And he went on to list all his symptoms and then proceeded to tell me that he didn't know what he was but he felt awful. Meanwhile he's touching my phone, coughing, touching my phone, sneezing, etc. So finally I said, "Maybe you should go home." ...and stop spreading your germs on my phone, I silently added. He agreed he should but they're short-handed.

Finally I was out of there and I went home and washed my hands and face trying to get rid of his cooties. But now it's the morning and I'm all sniffly and sneezy. Stupid Verizon guy. I feel like going back to the store and sneezing in his face.

Bee Tee Dub: The Bachelor in Paris picked the good girl last week and they're not even together anymore. Ah...Love can be so fleeting sometimes. At least when it's on national television. But then again, was anyone surprised?

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