Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday's This & That

It's the Famous Relation Edition!

Apparently the apple does fall far from the tree...what's with the Kotter 'do on the junior Sean Flynn? He looks nothing like his hottie relations Luke Flynn or Errol Flynn or the other Sean Flynn. And is it just the way the article was written or does he sound like a complete maroon?

On the other hand, Louis Prima Jr. (son of Louis Prima, natch) seems to be following well in his daddy's footsteps. (Or, as is said in Young Frankenstein...voot-shtaps! voot-shtaps!)

Boo hoo... Chad McQueen (son of Steve McQueen, of course) says his days of car racing are over. I guess he has a good excuse, though... he nearly got killed at his last race.

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