Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday's This & That

So yes, I'm alive. I made it through the twisty-turny drive (where I got sick) and the snowboarding run (that took me hours to go down because I kept falling). But it was fun and the conditions were great. I'm just thinking that maybe next time I'll take a lesson. Yesterday I was just sleeping it off.

What is there to look at today on the net? Well, there's a righteous lightsaber duel between two geeks. The first 30 seconds are full of graphics promoting their unknown production companies... but it does make you realize how much bandwidth there is in the world that people are just effing with.

I saw this on the news yesterday...the newscaster couldn't contain her laughter as she told the story about the Husband on Strike. Especially when she concluded that the wife's response was "He'll live."

There are some people who should just not procreate...because they create dumb kids like this. I love how he has his water wings on.

And, yes, I'm excited that Kingdom Hearts 2 is out, but I'm not going to freak out like this kid.

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