Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Photo Album: World Travels

This week's photo album is from my travels around the world!  This was my lovely travel agent Rita.  Her services weren't the highest of caliber, but, hey - it was cheap:
Germany proved to be a fashion adventure.  Sven, my tour guide, was quite serious about his leiderhosen:
 I took a night train to Mundo Fine:
 Pyramids of Giza. I bought the hat at a gift shop. Apparently it's more popular now that the 1st Indy movie just got released there:
Where the hell is that map???  Bad road trip...
Off to Glasgow by bus!  Thanks for the photobomb, smoking stranger.
The plane to Italy went down, so Hank the pilot told me to "hotstep it" to the nearest village, likely full of cannibals.  What a gentleman.
Ah, gay Pa-ree!
Riding in comfort on the train to London.  Edith (next to me) couldn't quite get her leg rest to work, and she basically bitched about it the whole trip.
Stay tuned for another photo album next week!

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