Friday, December 15, 2006

Sweepea-TV: Company Holiday Party

My company party was last night at Ca' Del Sole in Toluca Lake. For those of you not from L.A., there is no lake in Toluca Lake. So I don't really know what they named the town after -- the water runoff from the septic tank? Who knows. And actually, it wasn't at night because my company is so cheap that we didn't have a sitdown dinner, but a "cocktail reception." Here are some of the highlights:

You know the saying, "Never eat yellow snow?" Well I'm going to add, "Never eat yellow mystery balls with peas in them." Blech.At least the booze was free. I had 3 Bloody Mary's to "get my strength up" (I'm still fighting a cold), and then I moved on to Cape Cods. Very healthy of me, if I do say so myself. Here's an empty glass of mine.
Finally had to make a potty run. You open the door to the bathroom and there's a series of these doors. I thought they were all broom closets -- but nope, those are the stalls. I should do a whole photo essay of bar bathrooms in Los Angeles. Weird.
We didn't sit all afternoon - we were made to stand for 3 hours - and I hadn't eaten all day (due to stress among other things) so I was famished. I passed on the tuna sandwhich, egg salad sandwhich, cheese pizza, and pickle appetizers because I needed some MEAT!! Finally I told the servers, "I'm a strict carnivore, so anytime you have a tray with meat, please come to me first." I was known as the "Meat Girl" by the catering staff, and pretty soon I was given this bowl o' balls, made with ground turkey. Yummmm.
Of course the male co-workers had to make the testicle jokes regarding me enjoying the meatballs. (Men are obsessed with their genitalia, I swear.) I also got into this random bet with a co-worker over who could stand on one leg the longest. I could have gone all night, but my ride was leaving. So I had to end at 15 minutes, resulting in serious leg cramping. Now I have to buy the guy lunch.

Additionally, I learned that having an open bar meant leaving without any company gifts. What a ripoff.


Anonymous said...

there is a lake. google map it.

Sweepea said...

did. don't see it.

well, it was funny anyway.