Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sweepea-TV: Skybar

Last night some girlfriends and I set out to hit the Sunset strip. After having dinner at Katana, we walked across the street to Skybar. Mind you, it's Wednesday night and there's not a single person standing in line at the door. Here's an account of our conversation that proceeded with the dick doorman:
Doorman: Do you have a reservation?
Friend 1: It's a Wednesday. There's no line. It's just us!
Doorman: Yeah, I know what day it is. I saw it on my calendar this morning.
Friend 2: So can we go in?
Sweepea: Let's just go, this guy's being a pr&#$.
Doorman: No matter what day it is, you should really make a reservation.
Friend 1 to me: Is this guy kidding me with this?
Doorman: If you'd let me finish --
Sweepea: Oh jeez.
Doorman: -- I was going to say if it's only you four then you may come in.
(we walk past him and go down the corridor to the bar)
Friend 1: Oh thank you for letting us little peons into your almighty establishment, s#!&-for-brains.
Sweepea: What a little b&%$#.
We go inside and it's completely empty, short of two waitresses and a couple making out on a bed. Just another example of the pretension and arrogance in Hollywood. Oh well... the mojitos were good...and so was the view.

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