Monday, December 04, 2006

Sweepea-TV: Murder Mystery Dinner

Thanks to my new spiffy camera-phone, I can share with you the very exciting happenings of my life in full color! Take Saturday night...My sister Coco and I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner, and it was really fun. We were first in line at the door, but we couldn't enter...yet!
We each got a nametag, where we could put any name and be any character. I decided to be "Kay Starr." I told everyone I was a 40's big band singer that had to retire because of a partial thyroidectomy that ruined my vocal chords. I had traveled from the past to see what the future's musical industry was like, and I was disappointed. (My character turned out to be more elaborate than the dinner theater actors'.) Coco decided to be "Luna Lovegood" -- a character from Harry Potter, although I thought it sounded like a porn star.

During cocktail hour, we grew suspicious of everyone. We had to question all the party-goers. I really took this seriously, approaching strangers and asking them in-depth questions about their lives. They should make mystery dinners for singles' nights -- it's a great way to talk to people. I guess suspicion helps us lose our inhibitions. (And I'm sure my $5 mai tai helped.)
Someone was murdered after the salad course! Conveniently she died right where the chalk outline was. So who did it?
These two chatty cathy's at our table warranted a glare or two from the detective. They didn't seem to take the murder seriously.Of course, Coco and I did. Together we solved the crime and took home the grand prize: a dinner certificate for two, a bottle of wine, and some Alfred Hitchcock DVD's!

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