Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sweepea-TV: Holiday Party Swap

They say it's the thought that counts, but who are they kidding? I want to see what free loot I get this year through the company. In true holiday spirit, we did the traditional steal-the-present-game in our department. I always open up the one present that is not really crappy, but not good enough for anyone to steal. This year I got a Paint By Number Kit. Not too bad -- I like to paint. But this box held a deep, dark secret.

It looks innocent enough, right? A nice peaceful picture of the Eiffel Tower -- yours for the painting.Eight vintage masterpieces -- all mine to create, frame, hang, and impress my friends!
But what are these 8 works of art that I would create? The back of the box reveals the truth...
A CLOWN! And a scary one at that. Being a coulrophobic there was no way I could complete all 8 of these masterpieces. I would have to stop at the bowl of flowers and then dash the remains into the fireplace.

The big company party is tonight. Maybe I'll get a company umbrella like I did last year.

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