Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sweepea-TV: Saturday Night

So here's Saturday night's pictures. After a Christmas party, a group of us went to this club on Temple St. in downtown L.A. called Vertigos. We got there before it opened and I had to pee. None of the staff setting up spoke English. So I pulled out my high school AP Spanish skills right there, and busted out an authentic "Donde esta el bano, por favor?" with the right intonation and everything. I conjugated up a storm and then made my way to the lovely women's room, where I found some interesting reading material in the stall. Already in a tequila-shots-and-Coronas haze, I snapped away.

I think this said, "No, b****, you sucked f** d***." Wish I knew what prompted such a response.
This was also a pretty intellectual discussion on the other wall of the stall, that got this rejoinder: "It's okay, hater b****."

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