Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday's This & That

I went out last night on the other side of the rainbow, also known as West Hollywood, with my former roomie Pokey and his pals. We had a couple margaritas at Fiesta Cantina. Here are the highlights:

- Went into a same sex bathroom with a door that wouldn't lock and literally got caught with my pants down. The guy who interrupted me had no qualms about dropping trou' and doing his business while I hurriedly washed my hands and skidaddled outta' there.

- Spotted a billboard with a naked man on it that read, "Silly ------, tricks are for kids."

- Couldn't stop staring at the mural on the wall with four guys on the beach in speedos with longboards. *ahem*

- Learned about "Shower Night" at the bar next door...

- Classic line heard: "I don't date men taller than me, because then I can't borrow their clothes."

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