Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend Re-cap

Friday night Dyno, Sasha, JJ, D-Ban, and I went to dinner at Sushi Roku in Beverly Hills. I wanted to go to a loud place, so this was a good call. Great place for great sushi, too. (I ordered a Californian to drink, but the bartender didn't know what it was, so I changed to a Madras. I swear I should go back to Bartending School.) We ordered this chef's special that gives you about 8 courses in various Japanese cuisine. One course was garnished with a mini crab and Dyno was so disgusted by it. I picked it up with my chopsticks and held it close to his face to tease him, and just then the little crabs claws opened up, almost as if it was still alive. This freaked out Dyno so much he laid 100 bucks on the table and said, "This is yours if you eat that." Well, I'll eat just about anything, so I popped it in my mouth and took his money. Then Sasha said, "I'll give you 60 bucks to eat another." I looked around the table thinking how crazy these people are. It's crab for petesake. So I made $160 that night eating crab.

Saturday I went to Dave & Busters in Arcadia. Quite a haul from L.A., but well worth it. If you've never been, it's like Chuck E. Cheese for adults. Video games, skeeball, basketball, all sorts of games that you play to win tickets. And the prizes aren't cheap plastic rings or toys that break in five minutes. I took home two martini glasses that night, and Gina (who was in our group) took home a poker set. Plus their food is excellent. There were tons of people at the bar cheering on UCLA so it was packed and super loud, which meant a lot of fun.

Sunday I stayed in and watched movies in my pajamas. Surprisingly, although Dyno bought me Kingdom Hearts 2, I didn't feel like playing it yet. Maybe this week sometime.

This week already looks like it's gonna be ka-razy though. I'm looking forward to going out with Pokey on Wednesday. Pokey's my previous roommate, and the last time we went out he took me to Fubar's in West Hollywood where I was picked up on by a bisexual male stripper. Good times. I can only imagine what's going to happen this time.

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