Friday, April 21, 2006

Absolut Man, Absolut Commercial

The Absolut commercial featuring Steve McQueen is ranked as one of the Best Spots of January 2006. [Marketing y Medios] :
Absolut, which after 25 years veered away from the bottle-centric advertising that made it famous to "salute the icons." In this spot built on archival footage, we see "the Absolute Rock Club," CBGB and "The Absolute Man," the late movie star Steve McQueen. I'm not usually a fan of anthemic spots, but it's nice to see Absolut take bold ownership of its iconic status. And the music, a remix of "Hey Mrs." by I Monster, does appropriate justice to the visuals.
And for more proof that Steve McQueen is the "Absolute Man," check the quintessential car chase from the movie "Bullitt." As the poster says:
This is the one! Described as best car chase ever filmed!
Steve McQueen, check.
Classic Cars, check.
San Francisco Streets, check!
Stunts, nope, this is beyond stunts... see for yourself.

Va-va-voom and Hubba Hubba!

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