Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday's This & That

This Sunday is Easter, and some people may be taking this time during the season to wonder "Where's Christ?" Well, have you tried the Big Ol' Booty Bonanza or the World Wrestling Rumble-Fest?

'Tis also the season for chocolate and marshmallow animals, painted eggs, chicks and rabbits, and other random items that are supposed to represent Spring or new life or something. Which reminds me...I wonder if the Peeps Crafts Writer found a new job yet.

Work has been hectic, awkward, and just plain strange lately. Somedays I just wish I could turn into a cabbage and then people could just ignore me. Sometimes, however, it's just all about the oo.

Dyno will be out of town for a whole week, so I'm virtually single until next Friday. I'm going to go hog-wild. I haven't decided what my first solo activity will be, but it'll be good, I assure you.

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