Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Breakfast at Target

While Audrey Hepburn stands idly in front of Tiffany's, eating a danish and pondering her life, I stand in front of Target and wistfully look in the window, munching on a bag of CornNuts.
This is the difference between the movies and real life.

I started watching Breakfast at Tiffany's last night (do you sense an Audrey Hepburn theme?), and it made me wonder what made Holly Golightly who she was. And I realized that I don't think I could ever be like her. Didn't she miss the simple life where she grew up? Or was she happy with her lifestyle of late-night parties, entertaining random men, and hangovers? Wait...that doesn't sound that bad.

Now I'm a little jealous of Holly. Sure, she'll never find true love. And she'll never know the value of a good, hard day's work. But she'll be rich, happy, and well-fed. Of course she'll never be too well-fed -- we're talking about Audrey Hepburn for petesake.

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