Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday's This & That

I didn't know this, but they have vegetarian shoes. Being a meat-and-potatoes gal, does that mean I have to eat my stilettos? (Don't ask me how I found this picture, but I did and so there it is.)

I've been seeing stars lately... and I've been forgetting to post them up individually. So here are the ones I remember altogether: Kim Coles, Corbin Bernsen, and Michael O'Keefe.

Speaking of stars, all over the valley there are signs supporting Joey Lawrence on "Dancing With the Stars." One boutique's once-classy window has even painted "Whoa! Go Joe!" I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Tonight is the season premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands. And as you know (unless you've been under a rock) they're splitting the tribes up by race. This has caused a huge controversy, but the funniest comment was from host Jeff Probst who swears it's not a stunt. Of course it is! The whole show is a stunt! C'mon, Jeff, don't BS us. We're smarter than that. Whatever...I'm gonna watch it, so it worked.

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pixie said...

Referring to your Joey Lawerence supporters, apparently his mom owns that boutique in L.A. you're talking about. Only a mother could love...