Tuesday, September 05, 2006

WTF is with the Fuzzy Brownie??

Is anyone else freaked out about the bizarre new product from Domino's Pizza? The commercial has a life-size plush brownie peddling their new dessert...but -- I'm getting disturbed just describing this -- it's a midget in a fuzzy brown box. And when the mother who answers the door pets the Fuzzy Brownie, she gets brown goo all over her. And then a little girl comes to the door and HUGS the thing and she's covered in brown goo! AAAUGGHHH!! *shudder*

There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- appetizing about this commercial. What makes the fuzzy brownie fuzzy? Was it left in the refridgerator too long? And why does it expound goo upon being hugged and petted? And why does the fuzzy brownie have legs???

The scariest, eeriest part? Apparently this freaky brown gremlin is named "Fudgems" and you can make him DANCE -- of all things -- on the Domino's website.

We'll file this under: NIGHTMARE FUEL!!!

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