Friday, September 01, 2006

Romance Cheese Friday

Man, this week went by fast...with me being out Monday and Tuesday, and the offices closing early today. Whoo!

Anyway, here's another cheesy excerpt from a romance novel. Forgive the shotty Photoshop work - my stupid boss' bitch spy kept passing by while I worked on it, and she made the picture completely horrible this week. Yes, I never take blame for anything.

This one's entitled: A Woman of Ecstasy:
As their lips met, he pulled her close and let his mind and his hands wander. His digits roamed over her curvy body, feeling her delicate form, worshipping her every nuance. He felt his body relax in the comfort of being so close to her.
Wait, why's the dude relaxing?? This is no time for sleep, buddy...

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