Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday's This & That

Man, Monday came and went... Not much to report about the weekend. Seeing as how I was going through some kind of emotional breakdown (was it because I was out of Bloody Mary mix??) Dyno and I didn't go out much. I did, however, discover that when you do your laundry, your wardrobe practically doubles in quantity -- and it smells good, too! So because of my domesticity over the weekend (did I just make that word up?) I am all about the retro housewife feel today -- although I am still not a wife! *badda-bing*

I love The Sneeze's snarky comments about the gameboard for Battleship, circa 1967. Mom and Sally do the dishes as Dad and Billy get to play world domination to their hearts' content. Scrub on, ladies. Scrub on.

And of course, the women at Retro Housewife are always good for some domestic fun. Here's a short vid on Arranging the Tea Table.

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