Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday's This & That

Happy day that Mexico conquered the French in some random battle in 1962 (not Mexican Independence Day)! And of course, Happy No Pants Day. The time to drop trou is a'nigh!

People are wondering...what would Jesus direct? I personally don't think Jesus would ever direct anything... he'd PRODUCE!

If you ever wanted to shoot pink teddy bears at people, now's your chance. [Thanks, Becca and Cute Overload!]

The first female robot really has that 'model turn' down pat. [Gadget Madness]

I went to this awesome restaurant last night called saketini. So yummy that I'm still dreaming of their creamy cheese and salmon roll (Philadelphia) and the grilled salmon. Mmmmm.....

...And yes, there will be a Romance Cheese Friday today!

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