Friday, May 12, 2006

Romance Cheese Friday

This week's romance novel exerpt comes from That Valentine Charm:
"I love you," he breathed and buried his face in her neck, holding her so tightly it was almost painful. "And I need you more than air itself. Though I have no means of nourishing you or providing for you. My financial standing is nothing to boast about."

She pulled back the sheets and lay back onto the bed, pulling him toward her. "There can be no finer way for me to be nourished than through our love for each other."
I'm sorry, I have to disagree. What about a nice big steak? And some garlic mashed potatoes? I think that would nourish me more than some sentimental twit's rambling. After all, in another hour, the guy's gonna wanna raid the fridge and it's just gonna be empty. Ergo, money does buy happiness.

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