Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We Need a New Holiday!

There's Mother's Day and Father's Day, but what about those of us who do not want, are not having, or cannot have children?

Nothing against mothers, fathers, or kids in general... I just think I should be celebrated for being where I am in life. I've had some good relationships and some bad, and I've had to make some hard decisions in my life to get where I am. And so I have decided to make June 11th a new holiday: Singles Day!

Although it's called Singles Day, it can be for married or couples in relationships, too. The day will include anyone who wishes to be appreciated for the fact that they are without child:
  • Maybe you're unable to have kids. Well then you definitely should be celebrated this day!
  • Maybe you don't want kids at this time. Well then you certainly shouldn't have them, and this decision should be celebrated!
  • Maybe you aren't having kids because you currently are not having sex. Well that's okay, and your ability to not sleep with the first sexual organ that walks your way should be celebrated!
So pass the word around to celebrate June 11th as Singles Day. Tell your friends and family to help you celebrate for one of the reasons above. Have plenty of alcohol, smoking, drugs, swear words, staying up late, and anything else that can't be done around children...because there are no children if you're celebrating this day!

And from one non-procreator to another... Happy Singles Day!


Becca said...

I'm not single, but I always treat that day as a holiday, anyway. Why? 'Cause it's my birthday! :D

Sweepea said...

What a koinky-dink! Then it is definitely a day to celebrate! :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it should be something about non-children day -- not necessarily about singles or single people. It does sound like you're bagging on people with kids.