Monday, May 01, 2006

Ghosts Ahoy!

I'm not too big on paranormal activity, but I do like to get spooked. And if you believe in ghosts, you may want to take a look at The Queen Mary website about ghosts and legends on the ship.

Not only does it tell about some of the stories and encounters of supernatural beings, but it provides a Ghost Cam, where you can keep an eye on some of the spirits' local hangouts.

There's even a Ghost Hunters Club where members report sightings and discuss Queen Mary ghostly encounters.

Last time I was on the Queen Mary (Gina can attest), we were at a sorority formal. We got so drunk that I stole a sign that said "Watch your head" and Gina threw a couple highball glasses off the starboard side. Although there were a variety of spirits there, we didn't see any ghosts.

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