Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Re-cap

Friday I played hooky from work (sorry about missing the Romance Cheese Friday). I went with Dyno to Gina's house to run around like kids without ritalin at Chuck E. Cheese. We drank beers and rode the carousel, as well as won a fake plastic tiara, a miniature car, and a stale pack of bubblegum. Gina wouldn't let me wear the tiara, so I pouted the rest of the day.

Saturday I gave Dyno a tour of my hometown, and it only took half an hour. *Sigh* small towns. But it was kind of cool to show him our local make-out point, where we used to go ice-blocking, and where we build our parade floats. Random stuff that makes my hometown what it is.

That night we went to dinner at Trader Vic's in 90210. We ordered super-obnoxiously huge and highly decorated drinks, with weird tropical names. Dyno's came with a half-naked plastic brown man hanging on the glass. We had to cab it the whole night since we drank so much.

This week is looking good... I'm going to a Clippers play-off game tonight (sitting ultra-close to the floor), and this Friday, May 5th is No Pants Day. Awesome.

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